Florastor® Daily Probiotics

Florastor® is the only brand of probiotics with Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745, a unique probiotic strain with over 65 years of use and researched in more than 100 clinical trials worldwide, recommended by international scientific societies including WGO « World Gastroenterology Organisation », making it the trusted probiotic of choice by millions of families around the world.

It’s also the only probiotic strain resistant to any tested antibiotic*, promotes favorable gut flora, reduces the risk of diarrhea caused by antibiotics and improves your immune system by supporting your gut health.

Improving your gut health should be your everyday life priority. You can do so by choosing Florastor® today!

Florastor Probiotic

20 Vegetarian Capsules
Florastor Probiotic

50 Vegetarian Capsules

T 2019 IQVIA MIDAS®, Nielsen data 01.03.21 #1 sales in class=Non-bacterial probiotics (yeast-based probiotics)