How to optimize our gut microbiota

Microbiome day is upon us and we are celebrating this day on June 27th 2022. I am so happy that this topic is becoming more and more important and there is an increased awareness. 

Florastor Probiotics to avoid Traveller’s diarrhea. Happy vacation on the beach.

Avoiding the “Runs” on vacation

Avoiding the “Runs” on vacation You are on vacation at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort with your friends and you are having an amazing time. The sun is beaming down, the water is crystal clear,

Gut Imbalance in Children (Dysbiosis)

Did you know? A child under the age of five has an average of three episodes of diarrhea per year.1 Our gut is made up of billions of microorganisms that coexist within the gut

Dysbiosis and rebalance of gut microbiota

The gut microbiome contains the genetic material for all microbes that live in the intestinal tract, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. A symbiotic refers to a preparation that is a mixture of probiotics