How to optimize our gut microbiota

Microbiome day is upon us and we are celebrating this day on June 27th 2022. I am so happy that this topic is becoming more and more important and there is an increased awareness.  BUT…WHAT IS THE MICROBIOME / MICROBIOTA? It is important to understand the difference between the microbiome and the microbiota The microbiome […]

Avoiding the “Runs” on vacation

Florastor Probiotics to avoid Traveller’s diarrhea. Happy vacation on the beach.

Avoiding the “Runs” on vacation You are on vacation at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort with your friends and you are having an amazing time. The sun is beaming down, the water is crystal clear, and you are enjoying the amazing food from multiple restaurants the resort has to offer and drinking wonderful drinks from the […]

Easy and Effective ways to strengthen your gut

Do you experience stomach issues? Do you ever feel like you have to pass gas and are embarrassed to be in public? Do you ever feel bloated? If your gut is healthy, it is not normal to feel this way and using a reliable probiotic like Florastor can definitively make things better. Working as a […]

Andy the RD: Introducing The Unique Florastor® All-In-1 Probiotic

It is always a privilege to partner with healthcare professionals to highlight the benefits of Florastor and our probiotic line. We recently collaborated with Andy the RD, Toronto based renowned registered dietitian (RD) and published author. Here’s what Andy had to say about Florastor! Florastor is one of the most used and recommended probiotic globally, […]

Gut Imbalance in Children (Dysbiosis)

Did you know? A child under the age of five has an average of three episodes of diarrhea per year.1 Our gut is made up of billions of microorganisms that coexist within the gut in a mutually beneficial partnership: symbiosis.2 All of these microorganisms are called Microbiota, they are present in the intestine and in […]

How Gut Health Can Improve Your Overall Well-Being In 5 Unexpected Ways!

Problems with the digestive system, such as heartburn, gas, bloating, and constipation show just how complex a mechanism your body is. Imbalances in the gastrointestinal flora and the diversity of the bacteria population in the digestive tract are key factors that could have an effect on your gut health. In fact it has been noted […]

Rebalance your gastrointestinal health after the holidays

Following the happiest time of the year, these sweet holiday celebrations could turn out to be a real nightmare. All those servings of turkey or log may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, which may linger. Also, let’s not forget the weather-related issues. Did you know that antibiotics do more damage to your stomach than […]

Dysbiosis and rebalance of gut microbiota

The gut microbiome contains the genetic material for all microbes that live in the intestinal tract, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. A symbiotic refers to a preparation that is a mixture of probiotics and a prebiotic that selectively promotes the probiotic. Did you know that there are more microbial cells in us than human […]

Beneficial effects of probiotics on the Immune System

For a few years now, doctors have reminded people of how important it is to take care of your gut health because your gut houses more than 70% of your immune system. A healthy immune system can help fight many external aggressors, and it has the power to improve the older we get. Whether it […]

Back to school with probiotics: how to support the immune system during a pandemic

Around the country, parents and their kids are gearing up for back-to-school day. The school supplies list is ready, and it almost feels like nothing has changed this year…. However, this year’s major crisis, COVID-19, has drastically changed the way we operate on a daily basis in recent months. It means physically protecting your child’s […]