The only probiotic resistant to any tested antibiotic!12

The only probiotic resistant to any tested antibiotic!12

Meet the Florastor® Family

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Recommended dose for adults
& children
500 mg/day

Prevents and/or reduces the risk of diarrhea from antibiotics

Resistant to antibiotics & stomach acidity as a yeast

Treats and/or reduces the symptoms of acute infectious diarrhea

Supports gastro-intestinal health

Let's Be Clear: Same Product, New Capsule

At Florastor®, we believe that what goes in your gut matters. That’s why we’re changing our capsules by removing titanium dioxide, the artificial coloring that made them white.

Our new clear capsules still contain our unique probiotic strain, are non-GMO, vegetarian, and naturally sourced from pine bark. The absence of the white coloring is the only change between traditional Florastor® products and our new clear capsule products. We aim to continue to improve our product to improve your health. During this transition, packaging may vary.